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World heritage site

DEAR EDITOR, first I would like to than the Cabinet and the Commissioner of Forest to cancel or put a stop to this illegal logging led by some people who falsely claimed they are the true principal land owners of the said site.

About 86 percent of Rennell Forest were already logged and also illegally destroyed. The only left forest in Rennell is in the eastern part of Rennell close to the heritage site known as Lake Tegano forests.

I must say that the forest and the lake are blessing from God to this part of the island to declare a World Heritage Site.

Don’t take me wrong, but rather make use of the World Heritage Declaration to generate good benefits.

My advice to those living close to Lake Tegano to respect and support the decision made by the Cabinet and the Ministry of Forestry.

Stop any interested logging company who may want to damage the area.

This part of Rennell is the beauty of the island that future generations would like to see in the future.

I know our trees took hundreds of years to grow because our island is almost covered with rocks and lime stone unlike other provinces that cover with soil.

Rennell Islands is very small and is having great threat on logging.

I believe that if logging companies gone and forest gone it will take years for the future generation to count how much cubics of round log again while our neighbouring islands will wait just for less than 20 years to re-log again.

I appeal to everyone who live within the site to support the development World Heritage Site and avoid the attitude of greediness.

I challenge those who claimed the said land and also who extend the boundary line to stop their greedy attitude, interests and self-fish idea.

Be careful not to make this mistake and allow logging activities to operate within the World Heritage Site.

I understand that mining is the next threat and if we are careless decision it will be a disaster as there will be damages made to this very important site.

Logging and mining will not give us real benefit but will continue to bring in disaster to our province and generations to come.

Raymond Tegope Saomatangi