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Women suffer in search of health service

New Clinic building and staff house at Huali village

WOMEN of Huali nearby communities in Isabel continue to face difficulties in search of health and medical service.

Poro Clinic is the only one that provides health and medical service to Huali and surrounding communities within Tatamba Ward but the journey to Poro Clinic is an estimated 18.45km or 11.5 miles.

During bad weather, women risk their lives to get medical services.

This paper witnessed a boat loaded with pregnant women heading to Poro Clinic early this month as part of their daily health check.

“We depend on the weather to go to the clinic and during bad weather we have to skip our daily health check,” one of the mothers Ms Kate Tukumana said.

She adds that the exercise is really expensive and that the poor women have no choice but to dig deep in their pocket to finance their trip to see nurses.

Ms Kate stressed that the closer of Tatamba clinic has placed women of Huali and nearby communities in a really difficult situation to seek health and medical services.

Another mother Ms Amylin Brown also share similar sentiment, saying that risk is very high for pregnant women who reach the time to deliver their babies.

She said some mother have to travel during night time to Poro to deliver their babies – an exercise she described as risky for both mothers and their unborn babies.

“As a mother, I know that child birth come at any time and this is very difficult as well as sad for mothers,” Ms Brown said.

She said the future of mothers living within Huali bay will always face triple burden unless Tatamba clinic is reopened.

Tatamba clinic has been closed since 2016 due to poor condition and lack of support from responsible authorities to renovate the clinic.

According to report, an estimate of 7 to 9 thousand people have been affected following the closer of the clinic.

But a good news is that works have been mobilised to rebuild Tatamba Clinic.

Huali Community is also working hard to complete their own clinic which was funded under the Rural Development Programme.

Peter Decoster who is a member of Huali Clinic Development Task Force said only few jobs are yet to be done.

He said the clinic will officially handed over to Huali Community and service is expecting to kick start as of mid this year.

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