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Where is the Land Recording Act? Tisah

A former MPA for Malaita province has questioned the Malaita Premier over the Land Recording Act which is believed to have already been established by the government.

The questioned was raised following Hon Ramohia’s statement issued during the launching of Malaita Land Reform, stating that no specific land legislation was established to deal with land issues in Malaita.

Rocky Tisah told this paper yesterday that he appreciated the statement made by the premier as MART government is on a quest to develop Malaita province.

“But the denial of the fact that no specific land legislation established to deal with land recording especially prior to development in Malaita as stated by the premier is what prompted me to raise this statement.

“I know during my time that is way back in 1990s, we raised the same issue as what the current premier raised.

“Because difficulties on land acquisition for development in Malaita province is not just an issue of today, but remain for decades in the province.

“And during our times we managed to made attempt to address the issue where it resulted in putting in-place two piece of legislations,” he said.

The former MPA said the two legislations are, The Customary Land Record Act 1994, Cap 132 and Customary Recognition Act, passed in 2000 but never gazetted.

Adding that within these two acts especially for recording it covers areas like, genealogy, land boundary, rights of land owners which may speak well for the Land Reform Mr Ramohia is currently pursuing.

“I know there was a conference held in Malaita province in 2000, known as Malaita Conference, and one of the area reach was to recommend customary lands in Malaita for recording.

“And there was a success followed in 2005, where about 5,000 to 6,000 land hectares in Aluta Basin was recorded as an achievement of the conference.

“So I see there’s no reason to say no specific piece of legislation establish to deal with consultation of customary lands in Malaita,” he said.

Mr Tisah pointed out that the acts are there, and the current government should work on those existing acts or amend them and work towards implementing them.

He stated that there’s no reason for each government of the day to come up with its own policy and omitting or ignoring ideas by the previous government.

Mr Tisah said it’s a waste of time and resource.

He stated that this is what is happening, no piece of land legislation to deal with customary lands in Malaita, because the current government wants to do something of their own while refusing to carry-on the work from past governments.

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