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Weather Coast farmers disappointed

Farmers of Weather Coast

FARMERS of Weather Coast, Guadalcanal Province, have expressed their disappointment over feeling neglected as their leaders and the province fail to recognise their struggles.

The farmers, who operate under an umbrella body called AKUTOGA Association, made the statement in an interview with this paper yesterday.

Spokesman of the Association, Mr Ata Tiaro, said farmers of Weather Coast have been struggling alone to bring their product to market to assist their families overcome the demand of education and health services.

He said lack of transportation and support for basic farming tools are some of the greatest challenges the farmers faced over the past years.

“We have been struggling far enough and this is our call to our leaders and our province.

“Please assist us to transport our product to the market here in Honiara and also we want our leaders to assist us with basic farming tools,” Mr Tiaro said.

He said farmers reach the market four time annually due to lack of transportation.

Meanwhile Mr Tiaro acknowledged Anolpha Shipping Company for providing shipping service for people and farmers of Weather Coast.

He adds that Anolpha’s freight rates are reasonable for most farmers and people traveling from Weather Coast to Honiara.

On the same note, Mr Tiaro questioned why Guadalcanal Province is unable to provide such service for the people of Weather Coast.

“Anolpha is a private Shipping Service and we are thankful for the management of the shipping company to provide this important service for us.

“We are just wondering why our province fail to provide us with this very important service,” he said.

Mr Tiaro said farming is one of the source of income for people of Weather Coast and that failure to provide such assistance is like placing a risk on the lives of men, women, youths and children to secure other services such as health and education.


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