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Water supply hits hard on rural communities

One of the water source currently use by hundreds of people at Masupa village since their water supply broke down three to four years ago

WATER supply is still a thorn in the side for the rural citizens of the country.

In a recent interview with the one of the chiefs of Hatakau village in East Are Are, Mr George Kauhi’ona points out that communities in rural areas are in dire need for proper water supply.

He said this is a cry from the heart of many rural villagers who are without the essential service.

“Other aspects of rural communities can range with minority and not like water as everyone knows.

“Imagines some villagers who’ve been without water supply in their villages and can walk for hours daily to fetch water.

“A work maybe some people can’t do, but those who faced with the problem in the rural areas do, because this is the only option for them to access clean water.

“But do rural villagers will continue to suffer from the issue whilst responsible authorities are there, but seems not to do anything about the issue?

“And who do will help to put off this lasting burden from the lives of the villagers?

“That’s what really need to discuss and consider here. The rural villagers seem handicap since they don’t know what to do on the issue, they need assistance,” Mr Kauhi’ona said.

He said some rural communities in east Are’are have water supply, and have enjoyed this for more than two decades.

Mr Kauhi’ona said “imagine that two decades, during that time villages are not as big as nowadays”.

“So with the growth of population and rural communities becoming populated water supplies are not enough and people become to face difficulty to access proper water supplies.

“That’s what faced not only in East Are Are but in other rural communities throughout the country I believe.

“People are in desperate need to access proper water supplies in their homes or maybe improvement to the current status of many water supplies in the rural communities,” he said.