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Wai-Hau encourages people to protect their environment

Chairman of Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation, Mr Max Totorea in one of his presentation during the awareness program at Masupa village

THE Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation in West Are Are urges people in Taka Taka region of East Are Are to consider protecting their environment.

Chairman of Wai-Hau, Mr Max Totorea made the statement during a tribal conservation awareness held at Masupa village recently.

He told the people that their environment especially the natural resources it holds is a blessing for them and they shouldn’t take them for granted.

Mr Totorea pointed out that they need to understand the importance of their biodiversity and protect them from any disturbance.

He said it is important that they create an approach that will protect their land and the sea, to manage the resource properly.

Adding that by doing that it will help keep the resource from extinction and allow them to enjoy their lives as they deserve.

“Not only that but to properly manage our resource they can also benefit us and our future generation.

“And these come in foods, medicine, shelter, cultural purposes, educational researches and lots more,” Mr Totorea said.

Coordinator of Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation, Mr Felix Naitoro Children who are also part of the awareness program presenting his talk during the awareness program

He told the people that there are lots of ways people depend on natural resources.

“But it lies on our hands. If we consider protecting our recourses today, it will be for our greatness today and for the future.

“If we fail it, we’ll also reap what we did today to our resource in future times,” Mr Totorea said.

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