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Vessel detained

Longline vessel detained for alleged breach of licence condition


Members from the nine Pacific nations who took part in the Pacific Fisheries Surveillance Operation code name “Rai Balang” at the FFA Regional Fisheries Surveillance Centre..Photo supplied

A regional surveillance operation co-ordinated by FFA, code named Rai Balang, that Solomon Islands participated in last week has successfully apprehended and detained a foreign locally based – registered longline fishing vessel for further investigation into a suspected breach of one of its licence conditions.

The longliner was apprehended by the patrol boat Auki in the Solomons EEZ and escorted back to Honiara for further investigations by compliance officers from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

A fisheries officer who was part of the joint-operations boarded the vessel and discovered that there was a suspicion that an offence been committed.

The vessel was found to be in possession of wire traces, which is not allowed on Longline vessels at the moment (as licence condition)

They ordered the vessel to be escorted back to Honiara to undergo a full investigation, which is now underway.


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