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USP students must utilise tablets well to pass

THE Tablet Learning Project introduced to first year degree students at the Solomon Islands Campus of the University of the South Pacific (USP) is a big step ahead in the learning aid for students.

Thanks USP for this initiative and we do hope students will use this opportunity to help them in their studies and researches.

The provision of tablets will benefit up to 200 first year degree students and will no doubt help them access information at the click of their fingers.

However we must also caution users that they should look after their tablets and use it for the sole purpose of passing their courses. If at the end of the semester, students still fail their courses then they are not utilising the tablets for their intended purposes.

Remember we are living in a world where accessibility and convenience is the order of the day. We can easily access information at the tip of our fingers. We will just be seconds click away from getting important information for our assignments.

The world has become so modernised with increasing provision of Information Technology facilities to aid us browse the cyberspace for just about anything we want to know.

The World Wide Web or the Internet has made life so easy that sometimes we take it for granted. Gone are the days where students travel afar to get to libraries, find information from people or places.

As a result of the Internet, students tend to become lazy at times and spend their times on social media like Facebook forgetting the importance of their studies.

Students therefore must be reminded that they should browse the internet on their tablets for the sole purpose of their studies and assignment. They would be tempted to use their tablets to browse the internet for their own interest for instance pornography.

The supply of tablets for the students is a noble idea by USP, therefore students must utilise this opportunity to pass their courses with merit and use their tablets well so that upcoming new degree students in years ahead can also benefit from this project.

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