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University of Goroka plans to review agreement

Unversity of Goroka Chancellor Prof Joseph Sukwianomb presents his speech

THE University of Goroka (UOG) is proposing to review the agreement signed with the Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry of Education and Human Resources.

The University made this statement during a press conference held between the high delegation of the University and the Media last week.

Chancellor of the University Professor Joseph Sukwianomb said University of Goroka has a lot to offer and that the existing Agreement between the University of Goroka and Solomon Islands needs to be reviewed to accommodate other important interventions that would see improvement and wider impact under the agreement.

He told the media that part of the proposal is to pave a way forward for the University’s physical presence here in Honiara.

Prof Sukwianomb said the University is currently working on securing a piece of land here in Honiara to establish its Honiara branch.

He said Honiara is a hub and the first city that the University is eager to establish major development compared to other countries in the region.

Prof Sukwianomb said the increasing population will soon lead to higher demand for more professional teachers in the teaching service and the University is ready to assist Solomon Islands tackle the demands.

“As we know population is growing and when population grows, there will be a higher demand for teachers.

“Good teachers lead to good result and good result means that there will be lots of human resource to provide needed service in the economic development of our country,” he explained.

In his earlier speech, Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Musawe Sinebare said UOG is looking at offering its resources beyond Distance Flexible Learning which is currently ongoing in the country.

He said University of Goroka is committed to assisting Solomon Islands with human resource development through its programmes in the country.

Professor Sinebare said UOG will draft and submit a Memorandum of Agreement to Solomon Islands government to bless the proposed plans.

He said the University is here not to compete but collaborate with existing institutions with needed services.

Prof Sinebare said University is looking forward to foster greater partnership with SINU in effort to fill existing gaps that continues to hinder teachers training.

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