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UN encourages SI youths on Arab states strategy

UNDP Solomon Islands Country Director Azusa Kubota

THE United Nations Office in Solomon Islands highlights youth unemployment is a global issues which is described as a major challenge to every country.

In a National Youth forum recently, Ms Azusa Kubota, the Head of UN Joint Presence in Solomon Islands highlighted the Arab states’ concept that empowers and engages youth in the region which sets important example for Solomon Islands.

She said Arab states also a very young region, and the high youth unemployment rate is a major challenge to them similar to Solomon Islands.

Given the challenges Arab states faced in terms of youth unemployment, Ms Kubota said the state invested in youth capabilities, and opportunities to include youth in civic and political processes.

“In response to these challenges, this human development report argues for a new model of youth engagement which is based on more inclusive and effective governance, a model called development fit for youth,” Ms Kubota said.

She said the aim was to build peaceful, inclusive and sustainable societies which the 2030 sustainable development goals envisage.

“The report calls on development partners to boost support for youth as enablers of sustainable development in the region, and at UN we are expanding our efforts and programming in support of youth in this region,” Ms Kubota said.

Ms Kubota said sharing examples of movements and momentum happens in other parts of the world which she is sure resonates well with the situation in Solomon Islands.

With that, Ms Kubota assures youth leaders and young people saying this a great opportunity for them to tap into support from government and others believe in them and be part of global debate.

Meanwhile, during the course of the National Youth forum held in Honiara recently, youth leaders from the provinces are encourage by thinking effectively and shared on youth policy which will benefits the youths of this country.

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