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Tribal conservation awareness programme at Masupa

Participants attending the Tribal Conservation Awareness at Masupa village.

THE newly formed Taka Taka Eco-Village Conservation Foundation (TEVCF) with other partners recently provided awareness on conservation to the people within Taka Taka region in East Are’are.

The awareness programme was jointly facilitated by TEVCF, Wai-Hau and the Environment Division under the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology.

Founder and Coordinator of TEVCF, Mr Andrew Taraha told the participants during his presentation that based on the objectives of the organisation, the awareness is to educate communities about the uniqueness and importance of their environment.

Adding that this is to allow the people fully understand God’s purpose for their environment and sustainable resource management.

He told the participants that they need to learn about how to adapt to the issues associated with climate change that affects the environment.

Mr Taraha also stressed to the people on community empowerment to protect local resources and biodiversity from commercial logging, mining or any development that are unsustainable.

He told the participants that some areas they will work towards under this conservation initiative is to collect oral history and documentation of genealogy of the local people for preservation.

Bobby Oriha’ikeni standing in the mid-back speaking to his group members during a group discussion activiies

Mr Taraha said the initiative will also look at providing effective livelihood programmes that improve the economic development within communities.

Adding that it will also secure and establish reliable source of income for the resources owners and even everyone in the country.

He stressed to the people that it was very essential for them to know about the importance of how precious their environment especially the resources they hold.

“Many good things come from the forest: food, building material, medicine, forest spirits, water, and cool breezes.

“We take care of our forest and land and rivers because we want our children to know everything in the forest.

“We will die, but our children must take care of our forest and their children after that must take of our forest,” Mr Taraha said.

However, the key inputs under the initiative covers community empowerment, culture, income generation, eco-tourism, livelihood programmes and conservation

The targeted groups of beneficiaries include, land owners, church leader women groups, youth groups, children, village council of elders and communities or villagers.

Staff from Environment Division under MECDM, Mr Josef Hurutarau presenting talk to the participants

Partners taking parts in the program were Environment Division under the MECDM, Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation.

On the same note country advisor of Global Green Fund, Mr Willie Atu was very happy about the initiative.

He told this paper that it was just starting into this conservation initiative project and progress being made so far.

Mr Atu encouraged the initiative saying there was a need to protect the environment. And this is what Global Green Grant was purposely established to support community conservation initiatives.

Participants attending the awareness program came from within the region of Taka Taka other surrounding areas and far as West Are Are. The programme was funded by the Global Green Fund.

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