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Traffic situation, still a challenge: Matanga

Supervising Police Commissioner Ms Juanita Matanga

DEPUTY Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga says that the police are aware of the traffic problem in Honiara and will continue to help out.

She said that it is an ongoing issue as well as a challenge for everyone.

She also said that the police will continue to work with the ministry of infrastructure development (MID) to help tackle the problem.

The deputy police commissioner urges drivers to drive in a respectful manner knowing that there are only two lanes on the road; and while on the road, be considerate towards other drivers.

Ms Matanga said that they have observed that some drivers tend to take their own ‘sweet time’ while on the road and do not bear in mind the presence of other drivers.

She said they need to understand that when they are driving in front of other drivers with a gap ahead of them, they must drive a bit faster so as to allow those drivers at the back to move along.

“The bus drivers especially, do not drive on the foot path. The foot path belongs to pedestrians and it is important that they understand that and follow the queue so it does not affect other road users,” she said.

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