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Tikopian community set strategy

TIKOPIAN community in Honiara held an open forum in which chiefs and women leaders came up with key strategies to avoid future crimes.

A big turn-up of Tikopian people convened on Sunday November 13 to talk and discuss issues relating to the tragic deaths of a couple recently, produce a way forward to avoid future incidents.

This open forum was very inclusive involving participation of men, women and youths with discussion between chiefs and Minister Freda Tuki.

On the occasion as well, Tikopians are privileged to undergo awareness session on Family Protection Act facilitated by Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs from Mrs Vaela Leana.

The outcome of the open forum, Tikopian agreed on five key areas to avoid future troubles that includes;

  • A counselling centre—The idea behind this is to set common understanding on two different culture from inter-marriage
  • More awareness on FPA to Tikopian community
  • Encourage youths in trainings, workshop and awareness activities both in local and national level
  • Establishing cultural centre to engage youths in cultural norms
  • Tikopia is part of Solomon Islands, so they want national activities delivered to their constituency as well

On that matter, Minister for MWYCFA, Freda Tuki assured his people her Minister is willing to help as a sector mandate women, youth and children affairs in the country.

Hon Tuki also said there a proposed idea for youths in her constituency to undergo trainings, workshop and awareness.

Regarding two incident happen lately, Minister Tuki said it has really a shock to Tikopian society – and thus they are advised such activities must be addressed.

Hon Tuki reflects in history suicide is common to Tikopians unlike murder or domestic violence, and suicide is high in their society – must stop this practice.

“We must practice to end shame and disgrace in our culture, especially on our personal relationship by committing suicide or taking someone’s life,” Minister Tuki said.

“Let us start by raising awareness beginning in our homes that there are non-violent ways to solve problem and there are different forms of help there,” Hon Tuki said to her people.

The purpose of the open forum is to give an overview about FPA, and look on ways to address abuse cases that concern the Tikopian community.

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