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Tenders out soon for Solo Games prep

BUILDING of sporting facilities and infrastructure in preparation for the 2018 Solomon Games will be tendered out soon.

Premier of host province Renbel, Hon Collin Singamoana, in an interview with the paper, says that his executive has decided on this for the sake of transparency and fairness.

He explains that tendering out the work provides for preparations to be done in a transparent and fair manner, and that it would also ensure that the facilities are built by the best companies around.

“We are doing away with the usual practice of appointing people, as this tends to promote corruption and most times end up with nothing being done.

“We would also like to ensure that the facilities built are equal standards to those in Honiara.

“When the Ministry of Home Affairs gives us the first tranche of $3million, we will immediately embark on tendering out work on the various constructions needed.”

Premier Singamoana explains that the tenders will be screened by a joint-tender board between the provincial tender board (PTB) and the Ministry of Home Affairs’ own tender board (MTB).

He shares that the tendering, screening and approval process should be no less than a month.

“Approvals will be made by the PTB-MTB joint tender board,” he said.

He furthers that as much as his executive would like to see the preparations get underway and be completed successfully, they are also wary not to put the province in any potentially compromising position, especially when it involves public funds from the national government.

“We are serious about getting ready to host the national event, and we’re equally serious that public funds are expended rightfully. So, we will make sure that it does.

“We will be working hand in hand with Ministry of Home Affairs every step of the way.”

According to the province’s infrastructure development plans for the preparations, a multi-purpose hall will be built at the provincial capital, Tigoa.

Secondly, the event’s main stadium will also be built at Tigoa, which will house the playing field, running tracks and the sitting pews.

The third phase includes upgrading of existing sports facilities in Bellona and East Rennell.

Island Sun understands that the province signed a grant agreement with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on January 30 for the release of $3million, the first batch of what is expected to be more than $13million of government funds – aimed to help the province prepare for the games.

The province is still waiting for the $3million from the MHA.

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