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Temotu’s Multi-Million Project

…Major water bottling project soon to operate


Investor Martin Lee with his delegation and members of Temotu Provincial Government at the ground breaking ceremony.

THE Santa Cruz’s multi-million ground breaking ceremony last week is a leap forward in stimulating socioeconomic development in Temotu Province and Solomon Islands.

Nebo Investment Ltd Chairman and spokesperson for Solomon Mining Ltd, Mr Stanley revealed in an exclusive interview on Friday.

He said operation is likely to commence in June this year once formalities are finalised with relevant authorities.

Mr Bade said the ground breaking paves the way for the investor to liase with relevant authorities to deal with formalities before actual operation commence.

Shareholders such as Nebo Investment, the Provincial Government, the investor, Solomon Mining Limited will ensure Temotu Province gets maximum benefit from this project.

Spokesman Bade said the Santa Cruz Water Ltd business licence application for operation was approved by Temotu Provincial government.

“We have secured some possible markets in Europe and Asia while a company in Germany has shown interest to import water once the company starts bottling,” he said.

The company targets providing employment for 100 workers and export mineral water products direct to Hong Kong, China and Europe.

He said number of workers will increase as the company increases production.

The Hong Kong base investor, Mr Lee is impressed with Temotu provincial government and the people of Temotu province for their support towards this project.

Mr Bade said the water source at Nebo is suitable for supplying fresh water for refining and bottling.

Mr Lee said the multi-million dollar investment should be seen as a way forward for Temotu Province, which has often been seen as lacking behind the rest of the country in terms of major economic development projects.

Meanwhile Mr Bade said the target is to export twenty thousand bottles of water monthly, however this will grow when the demand of overseas and local markets is high.

Laboratory tests by the company had shown that the water source is the second of its kind in the world, next to that of Italy.

Such high-grade mineral ingredient water from the source will be very demanding worldwide.

“The deal will be to manufacture water alone, nothing more, nothing less,” Mr Sade said.

This multi-million investment of bottling fresh water is expected to create a major revenue base for Temotu province to meet the costs of delivering services to its people.

He expresses that the project will not benefit the province only, but the nation as a whole.



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