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Temotu tsunami victims still waiting for assistance

Member of Parliament for Temotu Nende Hon Comins Mewa

ALMOST five years have passed and tsunami victims of Temotu province are still waiting for the government’s promised rehabilitation programme.

Member of Parliament for Temotu Nende now question the government’s position in terms of Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme for Temotu province.

Honourable Commins Aston Mewa told parliament last week that affected People of Temotu province are still waiting answers from the government to respond to the proposed rehabilitation programme.

He said people’s patience are now running out and that he is facing growing criticism from his people about the proposed programme.

“I want immediate respond from the government on this programme so that I can rely the message to my people.

“If there is any fund available for this programme, I want it implemented now,” Hon Mewa said.

He stressed that the victims are now confused with lots of unanswered questions whether the government still has interest to implement the programme as promised.

Hon Mewa said rehabilitation programme for Tsunami victim of Temotu province must be carried out as soon as possible.

Nine people were killed when a 1.5-metre (4ft 11in) tsunami generated by a powerful 8.0-magnitude earthquake that struck near the town of Lata, on Santa Cruz in Temotu in 2013.

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