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Suspect is not Muslim

Country’s Muslim community denies connection with homicide suspect

Alledge murder suspect Jimson Goufi (Muslim cap) esscorted by RSIPF during his recent arrest

THE Solomon Islands Muslim League (SIML) has come out publicly to deny recent accusations that the alleged double murder suspect, Jimson Goufi, is a member of the Muslim community.

Mr Goufi, one of the Easter double murder suspects, the first to be arrested by police, was wearing a Muslim cap, known as Taqiyah in Arabic, during the time of his arrest.

He was photographed wearing the Taqiyah which brought about presumptuous accusations on the country’s Muslim community.

But SIML spokesman, Zha’baan Baerii, told Island Sun that they have identified that Jimson Goufi is from another religion and not Muslim.

“He is not a member of Solomon Islands Muslim League, and thus we want to put across this message to the public because we have seen it on social media people falsely blaming the our religion, Islam as the driver of such unlawful act.

“Many second hand clothing shops are selling such caps, and many young people interest on wearing the cap, thus, wearing a Muslim cap does not necessarily mean the person is a Muslim,” Mr Baerii said.

He said the SIML only preaches about the word of God and life of prophets.

“People always misunderstand us as terrorist religion, please come and visit us to know more about us and what we are doing.

“We only preach about how people get success in this life and the next life,” he said.

He calls on people who wear Muslim caps not to do anything to tarnish the image of the religion in the country.