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Suspect arrested

One suspect to Easter double killing surrenders himself to police, other still on the lose


POLICE have arrested one of the two prime suspects to the alleged murder of the Chinese couple at the LGZ building at Town Ground, in East Honiara.

The suspect turned himself in, it is reported.

With overwhelming support from the community, the arrest of 21-year-old man identified as Jimmy Goufi was made yesterday at his home village of Adatolo in Baegu, north-east Malaita.

Island Sun also understands that at the time of the arrest, the man was not charged, and is said to be charged today.

A police source also told Island Sun that the suspect is believed to have worked as a security guard for a security firm once contracted to man the LGZ building.

Police said the 21-year-old man is assisting them with enquiries.

“This negotiated surrender and arrest was made possible through the assistance of the Adatolo community, including church leaders and the relatives of the alleged offender. I thank them for their support and understanding,” Deputy Commissioner Manelusi said in a police statement.

Police had initially made a failed attempt to arrest the suspect last week.

Sources say that it was after the failed attempt that community leaders, relatives and members of the suspect’s family persuaded him into surrendering to the police.

As a result, the suspect returned from his hideout to the village yesterday morning and met with the community leaders and his immediate family members and decided to surrender himself.

The village elders contacted police who sent a helicopter to pick up the suspect at his village yesterday afternoon, and airlifted him to Honiara.

Commissioner of Police Mathew Varley earlier said there were two suspects spotted in the CCTV footage. This means one is still on the run.

“As this matter is ongoing, no further comment can be made at this time,” police say.

The gruesome killing shocked the entire Honiara community and caused widespread outcry from the public.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Gabriel Manelusi praised the efforts of the community.

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