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Surf breaks Titiana beach

ONLY a short drive from Gizo and a quick paddle to Titiana surf break is amazing and gentle right hander that breaks over a deep reef.

The water is perfectly clear and warm enough to ride the wave as local surfers are overly friendly when you wish to visit the site at Titiana beach in West Gizo Western Province.

Shemiah Baea rides the at Titiana Surf beach on Thursday

Situated at the Western back of Gizo Island, along Titiana beach overlooking beautiful Ranonga and the scenic volcanic island of Simbo and Vella La Vella is where the different direction of wave come from.

The Western Solomons Surfing Association is run by some local lads who are more than happy to take guests out to the breaks and if you’re lucky you might share the break with a few of the local villagers.

Jeremy Baea and his younger brother, Shemiah Baea and other local surfers are the key founder of this potential surfing sport that motivated other young people and decide to register the Western Solomons Surfing Association (WSSA) group.

Another new comer of Paeloge Village who showcasing his skills with his surf board during the last final surfing
competition on Thursday.

Way back in year 2014 Jeremy Baea registered the Western Solomons Surfing Association and many young people and tourists inspired to connect with WSSA.

“WSSA bring more interests from outside and enable tourists to start planning their next trip to Solomon Islands just to attend the surfing competition.

“Although the event is mainly for local surfers in the rural area but WSSA members enable most overseas tourists to reach Western Province this year 2017.

“Our first ever surf competition has been held in Gizo on the December 20, 2016 for local surfers and other interested surfers from outside the province.

“We have more than 20 affiliated members last year and our first ever surfing compertition is held at Titiana Village last year,” said Baea.

Left to right Shemiah Baea and the 2017 WSSA Campion Junior White lifting Clayton who won Kids Free Surf after the prize presentation on Thursday.

He said WSSA received surfing boards from the Coolum Surfing School in Sunshine Coast – Australia and Donation In Kind (DIK) of Rotary Club in Australia last year.

“They provided ten surf boards and other sea equipment for WSSA.

Therefore this year WSSA is successfully staged another surfing compertition in Titiana beach.

“Our second surfing compertition is classified with three groups from Open Category, juniors (14-17) and Kids Free who participated during the 2017 compertition.

“Today you can enjoy your surfing trip to Titiana at Nuka beach and Paeloge where you can find other local WSSA surfers to help you rides the wave and you can learn more skills from those locals.

Meanwhile, Jeremy said the second Western Surfing Competition successfully ended at Titiana Nuka beach on Thursday.

New comer of Titiana rides the wave during the Surf compertition on Thursday.

He said the closing ceremony attracts many young surfers and also community members surrounding Titiana from Niumanda and Paeloge area who supported the WSSA for hosting a very peaceful surfing compertition.

He also thanked the two major sponsors Western Province Tourism and Culture Division and Solomon Island Visitors Berea (SIVB) for continue support the WSSA for hosting this compertition this year.

He said WSSA is trying to promote tourism and international marketing for the province and country.

Mr Baea said WSSA is hoping to host another biggest tournament next year with great prize for a grab.

The 2017 WSSA Surf Competition are Categories with Open Category (Seniors), Juniors (14-17), Kids Free Surf Category.

The Surf Categories Cash Prizes are for

Open Category

1st Prize… $500 Junior White

2nd Prize… $300 Shemiah Baea

3rd Prize… $200 Nini Peter

Juniors (14-17)

1st Prize $400 Kauriri

2nd Prize $ 300 Kaipi

3rd Prize $200 Junior Ben

Kids Free Surf

1st Prize $100 Clayton

2nd Prize $80 Dada

3rd Prize $50 Erenga

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