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Sumitomo explains contempt of Court allegations

THE Sumitomo Mining Company – SMM Solomon Ltd (Sumitomo) says it is not guilty of being in contempt of High Court Order, mentioned in an article carried by this paper last week.

The statement is in response to questions asking the legality of Sumitomo for their alleged contempt of High Court Order as mentioned.

Spokesman for the office recently told this paper that this issue is a very interesting one especially for their office when looking at the process from which the argument came about.

“The person said ‘Contempt of Court’ as the subject for this argument is just an issue down the track of what said to be the fruit of what the process was like for this issue.

“That is why I say it’s interesting, because it started go wrong when the government (Ministry of Mine and Energy) reluctant to follow what it required under the legality of the tender for the three prospecting mining sites in Isabel.

“This is where this disparity came about and there were lots to mention as some of the outcomes of this foggy tender dealings,” Sumitomo representative said.

However, the source said the issue here is Contempt of Court and the office of SMM Solomon Ltd (Sumitomo) is well aware of that particular issue within the whole tender process that left these two mining companies in disparity.

The person said Sumitomo office knows the injunction order issued by High Court on September 24, 2014, prohibiting Sumitomo not to make or “interfering with the lawful business interest of Axiom KB”.

“We know the injunction order, but it’s very important to know the current situation of what that injunction order is like now.

“Because recently an Adjudged and Ordered issued by High Court stamped on the 15/03/2017 on the Civil Appeal No. 34 of 2014 upon appeal from Civil Case No. 258 of 2011 was already discharged the injunction.

“You can find under the total of 15 Adjudged and Ordered issued by High Court just last week (15/03/2017) as I’ve mentioned.

“It was the 13th order under the High Court Order issued said “All injunctive order made on 24 September 2014 are discharged,” the source said.

The spokesperson said SMM Solomon Ltd is not guilty and has not breached the High Court Injunction Order as mentioned in the article since the High Court already discharged the Injunction Order.

Another thing the spokesperson points out is it’s very important not to mislead people on the status of the Japanese Government in this issue since there’s none of their involvement with SMM Solomon Ltd (Sumitomo) and Axiom KB.

Sumitomo is yet to respond to other allegations contained in the article.

One of them is the suspicious email account created under false names that gave “false and incorrect statements” to this paper “to publish false information about Axiom KB last year”.

And, the “report alleged that Sumitomo have made an application to the High Court to prevent anyone from opening the data file sent by Google Inc”.

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