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Students to defer studies

…..Gov’t reportedly asks students to come home amidst economic crisis


THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has called on the Government to clarify reports that students have been forced to defer studies as a result of the country’s financial state.

In a statement yesterday, the Opposition Group said they have been informed that the Education Ministry has advised the Education Attaché in Suva to inform our local students in Fiji to defer their studies if they wish to.

“We are aware that an email has been sent by the attaché to advise students that the financial situation in the country is not getting any better and that students allowances will be affected throughout the year; therefore students have been advised to defer their studies. We are also aware that some students are undecided and confused,” it said.

The statement said it would be a very unfortunate situation for the students; however, given the current financial situation caused by mismanagement by the Government, it could sadly end up being the only choice for some students that dependently rely on Government for financial support.

“Therefore, the Government needs to explain this and it must also be truthful to our students whether it can manage the situation in light of the country’s financial uncertainty,” it said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Group has also urged the Government through the Education Ministry to clarify reports of the more than 200 students that had their scholarships terminated recently.

“We would like to know if these reports are true. If so, then the ministry must also clarify why these students have been terminated and how many of these students are from the original NTU list and how many are from the Caucus initiative MPs list?” the Opposition questioned.

Moreover, the Opposition said it is high time the Government seriously review the whole scholarship scheme especially the additional constraints it has on Government finances.

The Opposition has also raised concerns over reports that Government students studying in our very own national university, SINU are also facing similar concerns.

“This current financial situation is affecting our students even at SINU. The failure by the government to settle its outstanding arrears have also forced students to lose their boarding rights as well as their meal privileges at the University mess,” it said.


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