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St Nicholas College with new uniform

Form four students of St Nicholas College, Theresa Ohoau and Sandra Mama with their new uniform.

SAINT Nicholas College has reformed its school uniform from blue short and white shirt to dark blue short and white shirt.

Principal of St Nicholas College Mrs Christina Vunagi said the school has obtained the first batch of the school uniform and students are using the new uniform as of last week.

She said the decision comes as the school is trying to assist students with quality material that lasts longer, helping students and parents to minimise school uniform cost.

“We decided to change our uniform based on quality of the materials used to toiler these uniforms.

“Our material is quite strong and can last more than two years before students buy a new pairs of school uniform.

“We believe this approach will help students and parents to minimise their spending on School Uniforms,” Mrs Vunagi explained.

She said St Nicholas College has established a relationship with Lotus Garments – a professional tailoring Company in Fiji to tailor the uniforms.

Meanwhile, Mrs Vunagi said the uniforms are blessed and that students must have respect when wearing the uniforms.

“These uniforms are blessed and students respect them,” she explained.

Mrs Vunagi warns students to respect all school rules such as smoking, drinking alcohol and other prohibited social activities while owning their uniforms.

She said school uniforms is a pride of the school thus students must wear their uniforms with pride.