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Sport and the participation in sport unifies the nation like no other activity

DEAR EDITOR, I don’t often write about sport in the Solomon Islands but keep an eye on the achievements of Solomon Islands soccer players and participants in athletics, netball and, of course, futsal competitions at home and overseas.

The nation really comes together when Solomon Islands team players represent their country in competitive sports against national players of other countries.

I would encourage the continuation of sports at all levels, whether in the traditional sports I have mentioned but also judo, wrestling, boxing, rugby, tennis and track events.

Often local business organizations and private companies, together with diplomatic representatives, combine to promote local sports and such support is highly appreciated.

I particularly single out for thanks those who fund sporting activities for the disabled and physically handicapped in society.

There is a wealth of talent amongst the young people in the Solomon Islands and I would ask sports administrators to provide encouragement and strong leadership to identify potential achievers and prepare them to advance the Solomon Islands on the international sporting stage.

Participation in sport provides valuable lessons for everyday living such as, competitiveness, sharing, team spirit, determination, self-esteem, loyalty and endurance.

What better adjectives to describe what is needed of the citizens of a united, proud and sovereign Solomon Islands.

Yours sincerely


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