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SPO P/Cruz facility is safe

SOUTH Pacific Oil (SPO) fuel facility at Point Cruz is safe, according to General Manager Carson Korowa.

Mr Korowa was responding to this paper when asked whether its proposed relocation to Ranadi is because Point Cruz is risk for public.

But Mr Korowa said the current fuel facility itself is very safe, and is compliant to the latest codes in fuel storage and distribution.

He adds the fire protection they have is probably the best in Honiara.

“We also have environmental protection system, if there is a spill we can contain within the facility. As far as safety is concern our facility at Point Cruz is quite safe,” Mr Korowa said.

He said a lot of people think that they have to move their facility because Point Cruz is unsafe.

“This is not true. The reason is because as you can see we cannot build any more tanks, we cannot store any more drums, so those are reasons we move otherwise we cannot grow.”

He said a lot of negotiations are continuing at the moment to relocate the facility from Point Cruz to Ranadi, probably by 2019.


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