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Sogavare acknowledges hosting of PIDF Leaders Summit

THE PRIME Minister of Solomon Islands and the current chair of the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) Leaders’ Summit has acknowledged the hosting of the Summit here in Honiara.

In his welcome remarks during the official opening of the summit at Lawson Tama yesterday, PM Manasseh Sogavare said it was a great honour to host the event in Honiara.

Adding that hosting of this event is special to the country because it is the first time for this summit to be hosted outside of its home base in Fiji.

Hon Sogavare stressed that this PIDF Summit is significant with the presence of its chart members, foundation members, technical partners and international and regional organisations.

He uttered that the PIDF focusses on the theme “Stewardship for Healthy Ocean and Healthy Nations”.

“The theme recognises the fact that health, wealth, history culture and identity of the people of the Pacific Islands are vast and diverse.

“The theme also underpins the role ocean plays towards biological diversity of our people. It reinforces the fact that the geographical vastness of our nations is immeasurable.

“We cannot deny the fact that we are oceans people, we live by the ocean and we are being ocean states.” Hon Sogavare said.

He continued that in the Pacific, careful management of the ocean is a key to our sustainable future.

“The theme of ‘Stewardship for Healthy Oceans and Healthy Nations’ is also meant to stimulate the intellectual thinking capacities of our Pacific Island leaders.

“Let us have this intellectual stimulation to save the health of our ocean and safeguard the identity of our nation,” Hon Sogavare said.

He urged the participants in the two days’ summit that the countries they represent are watching and waiting for them to fulfill what they’ll learn in this summit to implement the knowledge in their various countries.

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