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SIPPA clinic in Auki rededicated

Fr Selwyn Siae and Dr Henry Kako cut the ribbon to mark the refurbishment of the clinic

SOLOMON Islands Planned Parenthood Association (SIPPA) clinic in Auki has been rededicated yesterday.

The office and clinic had been in run-down states and had undergone major renovations in the last three weeks.

During the rededication of the building, senior programme officer international Planned Parenthood federation sub regional office for the Pacific, Laisenia Raloka, congratulated SIPPA for the achievement of the opening of the renovated clinic in Auki.

He said, “I believe more than 10 years the building is luck of proper facilities for it services including building renovation and other means of the clinic.

“Even experiencing the poor facility in terms of infrastructure I thanked the staffs of Auki SIPPA clinic for their services provided and their work still continue.

“With the new management on board with its new board members they are moving with centralising the services making sure our provincial is taking care of their good work they are doing.

Director of the ministry of health and medical services Malaita province Dr Henry Kako

Laisenia Raloka during his speech

“The renovation is made possible by the main donor the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and trade (DFAT) for their financial support towards renovating this clinic.

“We extend our gratitude to DFAT for their support towards SIPPA.”

Director of the ministry of health and medical services, Malaita province, Dr Henry Kako said SIPPA is not focused mainly on family planning itself but is also doing other awareness programmes in terms of HIV and AIDS.

“They also engaged in other awareness programs, workshops where we engage them to facilitate those programs around malaita province.

“We also support this clinic in terms of equipments, drugs and the dispensary and pharmacy at Kiluufi hospital is in full support to provide access for Auki SIPPA clinic for collecting medicines and other equipments.

“We are witnessing the rededication program of this clinic which shows to us that staffs of this clinic has a better working environment for its services.

“SIPPA is regarded as one of our working facilities,” Kako said.

“The ministry of health and medical services in Malaita province will continue to support the work of SIPPA in Malaita.”

The clinic was rededicated by Fr Selwyn Siae, one of the board members of SIPPA.

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