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Rotary Club of Honiara assists Huali clinic

Ms Beverly Dick right with some of the medical supplies

ROTARY club of Honiara has donated three hospital beds, three mattresses, three wheel chair, four bales of linen clothes and seven bags of birthing kits towards the newly established Huali clinic.

The assistance was made possible through the hard work of former Provincial Assembly Member of Tatamba Ward, Ms Beverly Dick.

In an interview with this paper, Ms Dick acknowledges Rotary Club of Honiara for seeing the need of people in the rural area, especially Huali community.

She said the assistance is beneficial to the health and medical service of Huali clinic in an effort to provide effective service for sick patients.

Ms Dick said Huali community is currently trying to complete the clinic before the end of this month and that the health equipment will help lessen the community’s hard work.

She is proud to be part of the development of Huali Clinic through such assistance which she believes will have great impact on people’s lives.

“I apply for this assistance in respond to a call from Huali Clinic development committee and I’m proud to help my community in this small way.

“I’m honoured to receive these health equipment on behalf of chiefs and church leaders of Huali community,” Ms Dick explained.

On the same note, she encourage Honiara-based Huali community group to support the important development.

Ms Dick said the equipment will be shipped to Huali this week and handed over to Huali clinic committee at a later date.