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Renbel qualifies for 2016-2017 PCDF

RENBEL province has bounced back to being qualified for the 2016-2017 PCDF, after losing out on last year’s national handout.

The province had been one of the two provinces which missed out on the 2015-2016 Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF), disqualified after it failed miserably to satisfy qualification criteria from the 2014-2015 period.

However, with a new determined government, Renbel has sprung back to eligibility for the 2016-2017 PCDF, and is being granted nearly $1.4million to fund its development plans.

Speaking with Island Sun, an elated Renbel Premier Collin Singamoana says that all their hard work under the strict guidance of the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) have finally paid off.

He discloses that, thanks to the PCDF, they are now rolling out the first set of their 3-year development plan.

The first phase of the 3-year plan will focus on Medical and Health, Education and Provincial administration infrastructure.

Under the medical and health priority, they will renovate and build the staff house and clinic at Lavaggu. The same will also be carried out at Tengano.

Regarding Education, a new boys’ dormitory will be built for the provincial secondary school – New Place PSS.

Thirdly, provincial workers’ staff-houses at the Tigoa station will be renovated.

Premier Singamoana shares that they are determined to fulfil these development plans within the given timeframe before they will embark on the 2017-2018 plans.

He explains that Renbel had qualified after it successfully went through the rehabilitation process and rectified problems which had been placed on the province by the former provincial government.

“It was very tough but we left no stones unturned and managed to recover important documents and records that had been thought lost.”

He adds that Renbel has satisfied most of the MPGIS’s minimum conditions and terms and conditions, allowing it be qualified for the 2016-2017 PCDF.

“When we came in, Renbel had disqualified with an all-time low score of 22 out of 100. We have managed to lift that scoreline up to 34 out of 100. This has impressed the MPGIS hence have qualified Renbel for the 2016-2017 PCDF.

“Out of the 7 minimum conditions, we have satisfied 6 and are still waiting for the Ministry to play its part in order for us to accomplish the seventh. Minimum condition 4 covers core staffing, on which we are dependent on the Ministry to endorse these posts for Renbel.

“When we have been given our much needed staff, then we can claim accomplishment of all minimum conditions.”

Premier Singamoana shares that Renbel can now manage its own records and financial affairs, saying that in essence, everything is order, a vast contrast to the situation which they found themselves in when they came in 2014.

“The main reason surrounding Renbel’s disqualification was related to finance and mismanagement. When my executive and I came into power, everything was in literal chaos. No records were available and we had to struggle to find bits and pieces here and there.

“Luckily, the Ministry kept some important ones which helped us to piece together vital parts of the puzzle.

“Now everything is in order, and we make sure that record-keeping is observed faithfully and management of finances is done transparently and accordingly.”

This paper understands that Renbel province was suspended before the 2014 General Election and was only returned to provincial status last year after the current executive and Premier managed to restore some lost trust from the Ministry of Provincial Government.

The province had also been disqualified from being recipients to the 2015-2016 PCDF.

Having being qualified for the 2016-2017 PCDF is an indicator that Renbel, Solomon Islands’ smallest province, is picking up momentum in being run as a province.

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