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Put Solomon Islands first before your own politicking

THE current political wrangling maybe best described as selfish and narrow-minded all at the expense of ordinary Solomon Islanders.

Our national motto says ‘To Lead is To Serve’, so are our elected leaders and political party leaders abiding by this motto or leading for self-service?

We all know past and present leaders have tried to do their best for our beloved country but the fact remains ordinary Solomon Islanders have been neglected for so long.

Look at our hospitals, schools, airports, roads, wharves, bridges and so forth. Most of these infrastructures have been deteriorating and worst still never been upgraded or renovated. It is even worse in the provincial townships and rural areas, where health centres are without enough nurses and doctors or even medicines. Some of our specialised doctors are leaving for greener pastures and our National Referral Hospital (NRH) are without proper equipment and specialised physicians.

Having seen a TV show of a specialised hospital for animals in a developed country in recent days and how vets treated their patients like human beings is so intriguing. It is well equipped with machines like CT scan machines and others that we don’t even have here at our own NRH in Honiara. How long before our NRH is equipped to required world standard with specialised medical workers is far from even a wild guess.

The current power struggle between the political parties and call for Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to step down are petty politics orchestrated by certain powerful people, opportunists and wannabes who want a share of the national cake. These are all done at the expense of genuine Solomon Islanders who work hard each day to put food on the table for their families and pay school fees for their children each academic year. Not forgetting the working citizens who have been taxed each pay day to contribute handsomely to the national coffers.

You Members of Parliament enjoy a tax free salary, so you should feel sorry for your constituents and voters and do justice by not bowing down to power brokers and unelected party leaders who are pulling the strings to bring this country down to its knees economically.

And if you fail in your role as a national leader to advance this country at all levels, then do the honourable thing and allow those who are capable to lead us forward.

All elected and unelected political party members please put the people of this country first before your own political motives and stop abusing Solomon Islanders for your own gain.

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