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Provincial government executive meeting to be held at Ranonga

THE provincial government executive meeting of Western Province will be moved to be held at Ranonga Island in Buri village.

The Executive meeting will be held there March 21 – 23, said the Western Province Premier Hon Wayne Maepio.

He said part of his governments plan is to reach the people’s doorstep so this is why the full executive government will be going down there to hold the executive meeting.

“It is an opportunity for the people of Ranonga to meet their provincial government members as well so that they would interact in asking questions, make comments and raise their concerns as it will be their time to do so,” said Hon Maepio.

“So part of the executive’s objective is for meeting the people.

“I had done this last year reaching the people at Viru, Saeragi and recently at Simbo and now we are moving the executive to Ranonga,” added the Premier.

The Premier elaborated that they are still planning to go to other places where the government thinks of reaching.

This is so that people will have the opportunity to meet their government and at the same time for the government to deal with their government businesses as well.

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