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Premier Veke impressed with Tiaro-Savulei co-operative society

Guadalcanal Premier Hon Anthony K Veke

GUADALCANAL Premier and delegation met with Tiaro-Savulei Land Purchase Co-operative (LPC) Society at Sumate Village West Guadalcanal.

The delegation which comprises Hon Premier Anthony Veke, Provincial Minister for Lands Hon Patrick Savusi, Senior Lands Officer Mr Benedict Tova and External Affairs Officer Mcfaddean Aoraunisaka traveled to Sumate village over the weekend to attend an open dialogue forum organized and hosted by the LPC Task force.

They were very impressed with the attendance and the level of discussion and sharing.

Chairman LPC Task Force Mr David Rosalio explained that the meeting is to gauge views by members and non-member and that of the Provincial Government regarding the proposed Variana Growth Centre.

Tiaro-Savulei LPC Society is a registered co-operative society pursuant to section 7 of the co-operative society’s ordinance of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate and incorporated in 1977 with 277 financial members.

The society held perpetual estate to Variana Land (LR 17) of more than 634 hectares.

Premier Veke told the meeting that his executive is very supportive of the idea hence their endorsement to the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination.

He substantiated the idea by telling the participants of the potential for Variana Growth Centre to be successful and blossom due to its strategic location and reiterate to them of discussions during the Guadalcanal Leadership summit 2016 which revolved around the potential of Variana Land area.

“The province is already thinking of moving the administrative centre from Lambi to Variana. Lambi due to land space cannot grow further, thus Variana is ideal.

“Your growth centre plans are timely and the province will look into leasing land from you in the not distant future” said Premier Veke.

Minister for Lands Hon Savusi explained the value of land to meeting whilst Senior Lands Officer Mr Tova explained technicalities to land and how to realize their dream. External Affairs officer Mr Aoraunisaka talked on potential for local and foreign investors to be attracted to Variana Growth Centre.

Past commercial activities within the Variana plantation consists of cattle, cocoa and coconut projects.

The committee looking after the society want to redevelop the land with proposal for a Growth Centre.

The proposed land use plan for the Growth Centre includes, Administrative zone, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Tourism, Market, Fisheries, Sports, Health and Education Zones.

The meeting ended in high note with all participants expressing positive support towards their Co-operative Society Committee and Task Force to continue their work.


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