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Police yet to arrest men for not appearing in court

POLICE are yet to arrest men facing various charges in relation to incidents which occurred last year.

John Zoze told the court that the accused persons are yet to be located and arrested by police.

The warrants of arrest were issued on the previous occasion against the defendants but since then there has been no arrest, and not one has also turned himself in.

Meanwhile Deputy Chief Magistrate Sheppard Lapo adjourned the case for the next 28 days and the warrant to be reviewed on the date of appearance.

This is in relation to the case against Patteson Thugatia, Jonathan Manetavua, Michael Nonile, Charles Eliot Manekana, James Manetavua, Francis Saemala, John Maneava and Thomas Bosamete they were facing charges in relation to the incident occurred on January 18 of last year.

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