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Police to establish ‘truth’ on alleged unlawful raid

Police Commissioner, Matthew Varley and NCID Director, Chief Superintend Ian Vaevaso in a special press conference yesterday

POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley told journalists yesterday that police will call an internal investigation to establish truth on allegations of an unlawful raid on Adatolo village during an initial attempt to capture alleged murderer, Jimmy Gwaufi.

An allegation made by a member of the popular Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) Facebook Forum has purported that the recent attempt made by police was unlawful.

It claimed that the police operation team caused some damage to the house of the suspect’s mother and that they removed some valuable items and $500 cash.

It claimed police have also threatened the suspect’s brother and sister using arms.

However, the Police Commissioner ruled out that it is too early and they are still working to establish the full facts about the matter.

“I have heard that same report, that is why I ask the Director of NCID to make those inquiries as to what happened on the scene, and should there be allegations that police acted inappropriately we will call an investigation by our professional standards unit.

“We have heard the same information and reports overnight and that is why we are working at the moment to establish exactly whether there is truth to that.

“Am not making a comment at the moment because it is too early and we are still working to establish the full facts, but yes am aware of it and we will be looking into it,” said Commissioner Varley.