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Police investigates foreigner’s death

POLICE are investigating the incident involving the death of an Indonesian national on March 5 this year at the Takaboru logging camp in Guadalcanal.

Deputy Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga said the foreigner was working for the company and he died when a log fell on a log truck.

Police are still investigating the case to establish the cause of the death.

The deceased on the day of the accident was rushed to the National Referral Hospital for examination.

On another separate incident, Noro police are investigating an incident where a new-born baby was found dead in the bushes of Noro about hundred metres away from where the mother is residing.

Ms Matanga said it is suspicious because of the nature of the death and police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

She appeals to anyone with information to contact police and help them with investigations.

She said Noro police will continue to provide any update regarding the incident.

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