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Pm stresses need to achieve anticorruption strategy

SPEAKING in parliament last week, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare highlighted important points in regards to the debate and the process in achieving the national anti-corruption strategy.

He described the debate as “very useful” and stated that it will be analysed.

The prime minister also agreed to the suggestion that the work of the committee of the whole house be followed by an intensive workshop by all members of parliament.

In support of this, he added that this will allow them to run through a clause analysis of a legal framework once everyone in the house agrees to the contents and emphasis of the strategy.

Mr Sogavare said that the need to fast track the national anti-corruption strategy became necessary after the government was aware that parliament wanted to be informed about the strategies and contribute towards them before they become formalized into the framework to address corruption in the country.

He noted this as the proper and right thing to do.

“This is logically the correct thing to do because we need to get the strategies correct right from the very beginning”, he said.

Moreover the Prime Minister mentioned the situation of various bills that require parliament endorsement.

“The various bills that required parliament endorsement which are also reflected in the strategies have been temporarily withheld or parked in parliament until we get a clear picture on the thinking of parliament on the way forward”, he said.

In relation, he spoke on the issue of honesty.

“As well as that we need to be honest on this matter that there have clearly been expressions of reservations by members of both sides of the house for very different reasons”, he said.

Furthermore, Mr Sogavare acknowledged the support of the opposition group and their contribution towards the strategy and the legal framework suggested.

“I want to assure the leader of opposition that the government will take heed of the call for commitment to see this policy taken through for the good of the country” he said.

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