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Play our part in lightening up Solomon Islands

SOLOMON Islands is one of the countries in the world that offers the most expensive electricity prices ever.

The cost of electricity is just so exorbitant that do not reflect the low purchasing power of its citizens.

This only applies to those who have access to electricity especially in urban Honiara and other provincial towns and centres.

About 85 percent of Solomon Islands do not have access to electricity but rely heavily on solar energy to light up their homes.

Even solar panels are sought from Members of Parliament who used their Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF) entitlement to supply solar panels for supporters and voters.

However the fact remains that electricity costs are excessive in Solomon Islands so that seeking alternative energy supply is an option worth pursuing.

News that donors support the Tina Hydro Development Project is good for the eyes and ears but what time?

Even the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in partnership with Smart Commercial Solar (SCS) is seeking to switch to solar energy in some Pacific nations including Solomon Islands.

This is a good initiative and one that may save money for ordinary Solomon Islanders who continue to pay more for energy supply to their homes.

The Tina Hydro Project and the IFC collaboration with Smart Commercial Solar Project are good initiatives for Solomon Islanders to have access to reliable power supply at a minimal cost.

The question now is what time? Our rural people have waited too long in the dark and want their homes lighten up now.

The onus is on us especially landowners who are sometimes detrimental to development. Let us allow Tina Hydro to continue and allow our lands in the provinces for hydro power.

We as Solomon Islanders must also play our part in participating to the survey by IFC and SCS project and support the Tina Hydro as donors are only willing to help if we give them the green light.

Let us light up Solomon Islands and stop wandering in the dark.