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Opposition applauds collaborative efforts in arrest of wanted man

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has applauded the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) for the arrest of one of the two men wanted for the double Easter murder.

In a statement yesterday, the Opposition Group said the police as well as the people involved in the smooth negotiations which led to the arrest must be commended.

“We must also commend the chiefs and elders of Adatolo village, Baegu for their help in handing over the man to police. This collaborative effort between the chiefs and the police must also be applauded,” it said.

The Opposition statement said the arrest is also a positive step forward for our police force which will also give more confidence to the public; that criminals will never escape the long arm of the law.

“We are confident that police will continue to carry out its investigation and will make more arrests soon,” it said.

The Opposition Office also called on all parties to let justice prevail and to respect the rule of law.

“We all have a responsibility to work together and assist our police force in achieving a crime-free society,” it said.

—-Opposition Press

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