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One arrest over boats stealing at Tulagi

ONE of the thieves involved in the stealing of a diving boat MV Taka and a tourist sailing boat was arrested on Monday morning by Tulagi Police.

According to the Tulagi Senior Constable in charge of investigations, two groups from Central Ngella were involved in the stealing.

One group was for the sailing boat while the other was for the diving boat.

Upon arresting one of the group members involved in the stealing of MV Taka by Tulagi police had linked them to the other group stealing the sailing boat in which investigations is still carried out.

An OBM engine and a laptop that were stolen from MV Taka and the sailing boat have already been retrieved as Tulagi police are still on the search for a second laptop.

“One of the thieves arrested during Monday morning will go through a formal interview before he should be taken over to Honiara later this week for remand,” said a senior Sgt at Tulagi police station.

Meanwhile, local citizens of Central Province salute their Provincial Police for their continuous job well-done.

“It is good to see the Tulaghi police continuing with their good job in arresting individuals who are breaking the laws in the province,” they said.

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