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NRH children’s ward given 3 flat screen TVs

DEAR EDITOR, last week Satsol Management donated three flat screen TVs to the NRH for installation in the Children’s Ward of the Paediatric Unit.

A member of the Happy Isles Foundation, Ms Doreen Kuper thanked Satsol for the kind donation.

The Chairman of the Hapi Isles Health Foundation, Joel Lamani, also gave similar thanks.

Mr Lamani also extended thanks to other donors who had donated TVs to the NRH through the Hapi Isles Health Foundation since its launch in 2015.

Mr Lamani, added, “Hundreds of children come through the doors of the paediatric ward each year, and the Foundation will do its best to work on other areas in the ward that needs renovation.”

I would also like to add my own thanks for the work of the Hapi Isles Foundation in aiding the NRH’s Children’s Ward and to express my appreciation to the Management of Satsol.

Yours sincerely


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