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North East Guadalcanal Constituency with new fisheries centre

Hon Dr Derek Sikua

NORTH East Guadalcanal Constituency has completed the construction of their fisheries centre.

Speaking in Parliament last week, Leader of Independent Parliamentary Group and Member of Parliament for North East Guadalcanal Hon Derek Sikua said construction of the Centre was completed early this month.

He said his constituency is waiting patiently for the government through the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resource for advises on required task to do next before opening the fisheries centre.

Hon Sikua stressed that the building has all the required components fitting for the purpose of fisheries operation and that he acknowledge the contractors for the well-designed building.

He also said that his constituency has already received equipment required for fisheries activities such as deep freezers, solar units, generator and other needed items.

On the same note, Hon Sikua questioned the government about proposed Constituency Development Centres as highlighted in the government policy.

“I understand that this policy was encompassed to stimulate economic activities in rural areas and I want to know the current position of this policy,” Hon Sikua said.

He said the proposed development is important and that funds must be made available if the government is serious about diversifying economic activities of the country.

Hon Sikua said 2017 is drawing to close and it is important for the government to implement some of the needed projects earmarked under the 2016-2017 budget.

“We are now four months into 2017 and this means that we should start implementing the 2016-2017 budget.

“Ministry with mandates and verdicts to implement the budget must make thing rolling,” he said.

Hon Sikua said the government has allocate a hefty 4.1 billion in spending, towards social services, rural infrastructure, rural development activities and key programmes to provide both quality and coverage of public investment.

He said the allocated funds must be equally distributed and at the same time used for their respective purposes.

Meanwhile, Hon Sikua applauds the government for completing some of the projects in the first quarter especially the Fisheries Constituency Centres.

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