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New rubbish compactor purchased for Gizo Town

A new rubbish compactor for Gizo Town has been purchased under the Western Province Ministry of Tourism.

This is according to the Minister of Tourism for Western Province Hon Chris Mesepitu at the provincial assembly when answering the MPA for Ward 11 on which location within and around Gizo Town has his division erected facilities for visiting cruise ships.

“Out of the SBD $2,236,159 fund under the Ministry of Tourism, SBD$1.9 Million has been allocated to the tourism ministry in Western Province,” said Hon Mesepitu.

From that fund, SBD $480,000 has been used to purchase a new rubbish compactor from suppliers George Wu Company, he said.

“So that is good news for my division as the rubbish compactor will be given to the State Division of Gizo Town Council in which they will look after it to help clean up the town,” he added.

According to the Minister, the new rubbish compactor purchased is a big compactor compared to the Honiara City Council’s rubbish compactor trucks.

The handing over of the new rubbish compactor truck will take place on the same date the province will be holding its provincial tourism ministers council meeting which is on May 12.

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