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New protected area emerge

Founder and coordinator of Taka’ Taka Eco-Village Conservation Foundation (TEVCF), Mr Andrew Taraha

CONSERVATION sites in the country welcome another protected area, the Kira tribal land in East Are’are, Malaita province.

The founder and coordinator of Taka Taka Eco-Village Conservation Foundation (TEVCF), Mr Andrew Taraha said he is very delighted to come on board and be part of protected areas in the country.

He said the organisation’s vision is to look at inspiring and empowering indigenous people and resource custodians to build viable and vibrant communities that enhance value based development at all levels.

Mr Taraha added that TEVCF’s mission is on improving access rights to natural resources and to promote community sustainable livelihood activities.

He said that under the mission he looks at educating communities to realise the value and importance of their unique natural environment and resource fostering.

Adding that it will also look at harnessing relations with stakeholders at large through inclusive participation approach to achieve value-based development for equity and sustainable development.

He said based on that he came out with the initiative to protect the natural resources and work on adding values to them for the benefit of the people in the areas with no threat to the environment.

Representative of Rata tribal land, Mr Daniel Namosuaia (right) speaking during the awareness program. Sitting on the left is the coordinator of Taka-Taka Eco-Village

Mr Taraha pointed out that currently natural resources are depleting due to effects of climate change and other human activities threatening the environment.

He said this is very serious and people must put together efforts to advocate by creating and allowing freedom to both flora and fauna in the environment to live without threat and disturbances.

Mr Taraha added that it is very important if everyone to put the environment at the right of their heart with great care and passion to protect the environment.

“This is not only what we ought to be, but to act upon the Gods purpose for the Environment and sustainable resource management,” he said

However, he said the area recently completed in the project was an awareness programme for the landowners of Kira and people in Taka-Taka area on the conservation initiative and boundary mapping.

Mr Taraha said mapping was also carried at the protected site which included collecting of some information on flora and fauna in Kira terrestrial conservation area and its boundaries.

He said Kira tribal conservation site was registered under Taka’ Taka Eco-Village Conservation Foundation (TEVCF).

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