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Near-death lightning strikes raises concerns for safety

SIX villagers barely escaped with their lives after being zapped by lighting near a BeMobile tower on January 20, in Malaita.

This happened in Gwaiau village, looking over Malu’u station, which has left all hospitalised with one in near-critical condition with serious burns. Latest reports say they are all well and recovering.

Report received from Tony Orosago, who is one of the victims, confirmed that the incident occurred when they took shelter underneath the tower from heavy rains that Friday morning.

He said this is the second lightning strike on the same tower involving people, and that it is sheer luck that there was no death in each.

The BeMobile office had been alerted on each occasion but has not yet responded to either with any safety measures, it is reported.

Mr Orosago said while they appreciate the importance of the tower for communication purposes, the people in the surrounding communities are also concerned on the potential danger posed by the structure.

They are calling on the company to respond to their calls for help regarding safety measures.

Island Sun managed to reach BeMobile Communication Office yesterday however officers in charge declined to comment on the issue.

The tower is owned by BeMobile Company and they had contracted Mr Orosago as caretaker of the premises.

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