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LOCAL MUSICIANS have called on the government to reconsider music as an industry that will collaborate with tourism in the country and reduce the current trend of unemployment.

The call was made by two collaborative local artists Door Man’s Project (DMP), Blood Pitua and PH7.

Dylan Titiulu, artistically named as PH7, is now working with famous local songster and DMP’s Chatter Blood Pitua on an Island Dancehall Fusion Album, purported to be due by mid-2016, and said that involvment in creating music for commercial purposes can also reduce unemployment among youths.

Mr Titiulu, , also pointed out the countless musical skills and potential of the young population as he appealed for the government to not only consider, but provide avenues to help raise the growing industry.

He stressed that the music industry is a probable booster for the Tourism industry as well, and organizations such as the Music Federation should help out in promoting and commercializing Solomon Islands Music.

However, he encouraged young and upcoming artist to keep on working hard in order to go further in the Industry.

Meanwhile, he also pointed out the need for having quality sound systems in local studios as well as qualified engineers in order for records to have the quality for overseas market.

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