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Much needed to promote improved standard of living: PS Kenilorea

PS of Foreign Affair and External Trade Mr Peter Kenilorea Junior. Photo courtesy of Niniu Oligao

THERE is much that needs to be done to promote improved standards of living for our people and reduced poverty.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET), Peter Kenilorea Junior highlighted this when he gave his opening statement at the Trade Policy Review Follow up seminar this week.

Mr Kenilorea said whilst significant progress has been made over the last decade to rebuild following the period of civil tensions, there is much more that needs to be done.

He said the role of trade in achieving these goals cannot be overstated that it is through such workshops or seminar.

“…that we can spread the positive impacts trade can have throughout our economy as well as mitigation strategies to ensure that no one is left behind as a result of trade liberalisation,” he said.

Mr Kenilorea said Solomon Islands undertook its trade policy review in 2016, and this workshop organised by MFAET and World Trade Organisation (WTO) Secretariat, is an opportunity to continue the momentum raised during the trade policy review process.

“This is to further improve awareness of trade and trade related policies, enable the government to promote greater transparency in policy development, and encourage us to think critically about the necessary reforms and requirements for cooperation and technical assistance,” he adds.

He said as a result of the trade policy review process, Solomon Islands government has been able to establish a list of reform priorities to be dealt with over the coming years, in order to ensure that for the next trade policy review in 2022/2023, the country will be in compliance with the rules of multilateral trading regime.

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