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MPs not tampering with teacher posting: Kasuni

MEMBERS of Parliament have not tampered with teacher posting at the McMahon School, clarifies Central province PEO.

Charles Kasuni, the province’s Principal Education Officer (PEO), instead says that teacher posting is done by the Ministry of Education.

He said this in response to rumours that McMahon is being overstaffed due MPs pushing in their cronies to teach there.

They are reported to create an excess of teachers which in turn causes another problem, which is shortage of staff houses.

This has edged the people of Central province to criticise MPs purportedly involved and the education ministry for turning a blind eye.

PEO Charles Kasuni, speaking to Island Sun adamantly said that school posting for teachers at McMahon follows the establishment of the Education Ministry and not directives from MPs.

“It is the school at McMahon that does not have enough houses for its staff.

“This is why we are facing this situation, otherwise school postings follow the establishment of the ministry and not Honourable members,” he clarified.

“But as McMahon School now has Forms 4 and 5, it is true that the school now needs more staff houses.

“Staff houses being available for teachers will also boost their work performance through teaching education,” he added.

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