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Mother’s Day Reflection.

DEAR good Editor,

I would be grateful if you could allow me some space in your Editorial column to share my personal view about the Mother’s day Event and Celebration. Basically looking at the Event it still have its fresh smell in our Country as it just got its popularity about 5 or so years, as transition into the contemporary World. So and so I can see that the value of a mother is being overtaken by the celebration part of the occasion. Definitely more focus is based on celebrating the day than Mothers Living the true core values and meaning of motherhood. The day does not demand and requires going out to night clubs and drinking Alcohols. The day does not have a price Tag or what soever with the motive of force or luring character to gain attention. Whatever done on the day should be coming from the heart and accompany with true pure love and respect.

In our very own tradition societies, Women are also have status and respect which also marked in various dimensions of celebrations. These celebrations were done with pride, respect and on merits. They had profound Values and proofs that public demonstrate themselves their worthiness in their society, either by individual or group participation and achievement.

There are several questions arises in Mind Concerning   the modern Mother’s day Celebrations. For the kind, industrious, loving, royal and committed Mothers, I absolutely salute you for your marvellous deeds. But for those unorganised, lazy and unfaithful Mothers, whats the point of celebrating. It would rather make sense and worth celebrating if you pose and display the good characters at home and generally or being changed from bad to good. But for many as the day drops near, some mothers start to get closer to Father or start campaigning to   gain some respect to earn for the day. To me this is a waste of time resource and family money if we do not plan, organise and prepare for this event. I said this because I have witnessed some of the mothers argue with their partners demanding so and so, which they ended up in argument and domestic violence. Probably

It high time to consider how to mark the day, than forcing to celebrate the day just to enjoy and party part of it. Infact the beauty of Motherhood is daily display of commitments and should also appreciated daily too.It not one of the events to mark once. Above all, Happy, happy Mother’s day. Hope you have enjoyed the event with positive memorable memories.

Gabriel Riotarau.


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