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More student trouble

A total of 32 first-year students under SIG scholarship to study in the Philippines this year will likely remain due to delay in their allowances.

A source close to this paper revealed that the students have their airfares but are without allowances.

The source said out of the total remaining 70 new students yet to leave, only 38 have received their allowances.

On Wednesday this week PS of the MEHRD signed a cheque for the airfares of the 70 students, including those without the allowances.

“The students are stranded and they might lose their opportunity if the MEHRD fail to address the issue.

“Another thing to think heavily on is the registration expects for next week and students are also expect to be there in time for their registrations,’ the source said.

The source argues it is true that airfares have already been paid, but they can’t go there without any money (allowances) that can help facilitate their accommodations and studies

The source continued that this is an issue of concern not only for students, but also for parents and guardians.

The source appeals for an explanation; the MEHRD must explain the direction on which the issue is heading to the public.

The source said according to the information received from the Guadalcanal Travel Solomons (GTS), more than $SBD1million were paid for the airfares of the 70 students, roughly about $SBD16,000 per head.

The source said a total of $SBD70,000 is allocated for each first-year student and the timeframe of the allowance is April to August for this year.

The source said three-quarters of the allowance have already been shared to the students here whilst the remaining portion will be given them in the Philippines.

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