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Minister Tome urges Choiseul to shine for other provinces

Minister for MPGIS Hon. David Tome

CHOISEUL Provincial Government (CPG) or as the people there prefer to be called ‘Lauru Province’ second appointed day was celebrated from Feb 22 – 24 under the theme “Promote Culture, Identity for Peaceful Choiseul Province”.

The Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) Hon David Tome was the guest of honour at the celebrations.

In his speech Minister Tome thanked the CPG for services it renders to the people of Lauru on behalf of or as a sub-government of the national government.

Minister Tome urged CPG to continue maintaining its reputation as top Provincial Government (PG) in the implementation of Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) projects especially in financial management and compliance to the minimum conditions of the PCDF.

He also stated that SIG has allocated Fifty Million for PCDF in 2017 and urged CPG to continue being a beacon that other provinces can emulate in the management of PCDF funds.

The MPGIS Minister also stated that the two major events that the MPGIS will work on this year are the 9th Premiers Conference that will be hosted by Malaita Province and Choiseul Provincial Election.

Minister Tome stated that MPGIS will continue to provide capacity building and skills enhancement via planning and training workshops for provincial executives, members of provincial assemblies, and working staff in the areas of policy training, financial management, project management, and compliance.

“There will be attachment programs for provincial speakers and clerks, review and implementation of financial management strategies, strengthening of public accounts committees, public expenditure management strategies and promotion of financial management discipline for all provinces,” said Minister Tome.

The Minister further stated that the national government through the MPGIS will continue to support policy priority programmes of the current DCC Government in the areas of institutional infrastructure development, legislature review of the current PG Act in conjunction with the federal system of government, strengthening of procurement systems, and draft policies on revenue sharing mechanisms.

The Minister stated that the World Bank will carry out decentralisation study that will lead to the review of current PG system.

Regarding Choiseul Bay Township Project (CBTP), “Mr Premier, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for a milestone reached by CBTP in the completion and endorsement of its Local Planning Scheme, which was gazetted and handed over to your good self, last year. This is the first time we have such proper planning scheme in place for township development,” the Minister stated.

The Minister also clarified that sub division of lot 277 where township will be relocated to is, yet to be done.

So are a number of studies such as ports study, water infrastructure study, relocation study, and climate change strategic programmes to establish policies and actions in resilience and adaptability to pressing changing weather patterns and their impact on development.


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