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Mi Tingim

IT IS understood that over the last couple of weeks, the price of Solbako has been increasing at a staggering rate of $5 – $10 per day. And, as it was yesterday, the price of one packet of the product was reported to have landed on $100. It was only about four weeks ago that the price was $32. To the oblivious individual, this unregulated price hike is said to be having adverse effects on many people’s livelihoods.

What are your views on the current instability and unchecked daily increase to the price of Solbako our local businessmen and women and users are facing? And who do you think are not doing their jobs?

 The price is really torturing to the public, especially those who use the product and our local vendors. However, I appeal upon Solomon Tobacco to explain reasons behind this current Solbako price-hike trend.

Not only in Honiara is this price trend being experienced. It is nationwide. I was in Auki over the weekend, and there they also face the same price. I’m curious over what Solomon Tobacco is doing to address this.

 I think there is a government institution responsible for controlling the price of all goods sold in the country. This issue clearly shows they are not doing their jobs. The question is where are they? And why are they inactive? Above all I should blame them for not doing their work.

If the whole scope of this issue is manipulated by the Solomon Tobacco, then we need explanations. Explain to us what exactly is going on and when this issue will be resolved. Additionally, I should say that since there is no price control in the country, this dilemma shows how opportunistic retailers can mistreat their customers/public.

I think there’s nobody else to blame except for those responsible for price control in the country. They are the ones who have failed in their work, thus resulting in this abrupt increase to the price of Solbako that we are experiencing.

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